Top 5 of the Chinese Apps You Can’t Live without!

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Top 5 of the Chinese Apps You Can’t Live without!


 Chinese people are pretty famous for always being on their cell phone. Why? Simply because they are busy using those amazing apps they just can’t live without! From online shopping, taxi services to ordering food online, here are the top 5 Chinese apps that will help you blend in with the locals.


Alipay 支付宝


Alipay is the major Chinese payment platform here in China and to be honest, this mobile platform is a real lifesaver! It is accepted almost everywhere, from the fanciest restaurants to the smallest convenience stores, and replace most of the usual payment methods such as debit card, credit card or cash.






Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website similar to Ebay and Amazon where you can find everything you ever wanted, from paper towel to that beautiful leather bag! This app provides a platform for small, big businesses and individual entrepreneurs so you can find all kinds of stuff from different range of price.


Didi Taxi 滴滴出租


In China, Didi Taxi is one of the main mobile platform to order a taxi and the main competitor of Uber, another worldwide taxi’s mobile platform. With more affordable price than regular taxis, starting from 14 yuan for a ride, Didi Taxi offers great service and is pretty reliable on time! You can order a Didi from both Wechat and Alipay platforms.

Dianping 点评

Don’t know what and where to eat tonight? Just DianPing it! Dianping is a very convenient app that combines both functions of Groupon and Yelp with more than 600 000 reviews of establishments. It is a great way to discover new restaurants or simply quickly order in.


The ultimate app : WeChat! 微信

WeChat was created in 2011 and is now used by more than 770 million users worldwide but mainly in Mainland China. Wonder why? Because WeChat offers everything you ever wanted. As a new user, you will love this app for its multiple services such as instant messaging (text message, voice message, video calls), video conferencing, sharing moments option, Wechat payments (similar to Alipay), lucky money packaged, current GPS locator, friend finder and city services (doctor appointments, paying electricity bills and booking transportation). WeChat also partnered with third party operators, so you can easily order a Didi Taxi or book your movie tickets for the next day.


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