How to say cooking methods in Chinese?

Written by Aven   Nov 05, 2017   Read:890

Sometimes you may find it’s still not convenient enough to know just names of food. What if you really want some roast chicken but there’s only fried chicken in the restaurant?

So today, to make our life easier, let’s see some Chinese words about cooking.

蒸(zhēng) is one of the basic cooking ways in China. There are a huge amount of Chinese snacks which are steamed, such as Chinese rice cake. Generally, steamed dishes are less flavored, so they are not that popular in people who prefer spicy food. However, they are popular in Guangdong Province. People there believe it’s the best way to keep the original taste and nutrition of food. Now it’s a trend to eat steamed food again. People realize it’s not healthy to eat too much salt and oil. Steamed foods are the best choice to keep healthy.

煮(zhǔ) is also basic. People boil dumpling, noodle, and even rice (though it’s more common to use rice cooker now). And it’s also an efficient way to make food tender.

炒(chǎo) can be the most popular way to cook Chinese food, especially vegetables. Just heat the pan. Add some oil. Put some garlic if you like. Then put vegetables in hot oil. You may hear a loud sound when the vegetables are put in the pan, due to the water on them. For some Chinese people, it’s the sound of home.

煎(jiān) is a popular way to make western food, which is different from炒(chǎo). In general, people use a pan with a flat bottom to煎(jiān) food. And less oil is used. People usually fry the two sides of foods. While when people炒(chǎo), they stir.

I believe 炸(zhá) food is the most popular one in the world. People, especially children love it. In Shanghai, there are 炸鸡店 (zhájī diàn, fried chicken shop) everywhere. When 炸(zhá), a lot of oil is needed. It’s more like “to deep fry” in English.

烤(kǎo) is interesting. It can be to grill, to roast (in an oven) or to bake. For instance, people love 烧烤(shāokǎo, barbecue). One of the most famous dishes among foreigners is definitely 北京烤鸭(běijīngkǎoyā, Peking Duck). And we can say 烤面包(kǎo miànbāo, to bake bread) or 烤蛋糕(kǎo dàngāo, to bake cake).

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